Hi you!

"Where can I find the perfect one-piece black swimsuit?" That is the most common research about swimsuits that we girls do.

How so?

Well, black makes us feel good, it's sexy, it's elegant and it's classy.
We are always looking for the perfect one-piece black bathing suit, the one that fits just right, that feels just right.

We have the perfect One-Piece Black Swimsuit for you, PRINCIPESSA.

What makes Principessa perfect?

  • Adjustable straps: The height of your torso doesn't matter. You can adjust the straps as you wish. Just feel comfortable and holden up by them.

  • Fabric: Italian Sustainable Fabric (Vita by Carvico) super easy to dry and super comfortable to wear.

  • Extra-support/Push-Up: Whether you have a big cup or not, the elastic under the cups is an extra support and a push up. You will have a reinforcement without feeling unconfortable. You will be able to wear it all day (and night) long. It's not an underwire, it's better.

  • Back Neckline: for a feminine and classy touch you also have a back neckline.

Try the one and only Principessa here

We can promise you, it will be magical.